Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wars 2: Just when you thought it was safe.....

With the removal of one very fat squirrel from the garden I cobbled together a feeder from the few sound bits of the 3 destroyed feeders, filled it with sunflower hearts and hung it back out in the garden. Thiry-six hours later this too was hanging largely empty with fragments of gnawed perches on the ground beneath it. The culprit(s) were evidently still at large but not for much longer or so I thought. A few hours later the trap was sprung again and another squirrel was out of the equation. However today a third (fourth, fifth.......) squirrel was (were) still feasting from one of our metal feeders. The battle is not yet over!
On a bird note, 4 Waxwings flew over this morning as my husband went out to take our daughter to school. We still have plenty of berries in the garden so perhaps one will stop one day.

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