Monday, 25 March 2013

Acle Cranes

I had a full hour for lunch today and, as I was working in Gorleston, took the opportunity to head along the Acle Straight to see the Cranes just north of Acle. As I drove along the Straight I was struck by how wintery the grazing marshes appeared. By now the marshes should have been showing the fresh, bright green flush of the grass springing back in to growth but everywhere looked a dull. barren green. The traditional grazing auctions take place today and tomorrow in St. Olaves and the graziers would be hoping to turn their cattle out on April 1st but as yet there is little for them to eat. The few summer migrants trickling back into the country must be having similar problems. Arriving at Acle Bridge there were just 2 of the 6-7 Cranes that had been there on show but they were relatively close to the road and gave excellent views as they fed unconcerned by the traffic thundering by.
We've had Cranes flying over our house on a 2 or 3 occasions. If they continue to increase maybe one day I'll see these stately birds stalking my marshes. My big ambition is to hear Corncrakes out here. There is lots of suitable habitat in the Yare Valley so just maybe some of the Nene Washes birds may stop here. One can but dream.

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