Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Evening stroll

After the excitement of the weekend it was a peaceful evening here. The persistent wind of the last few months had finally dropped to nothing for once so after an afternoon washing sheep again (it's the Norfolk Show next week) there was time for an amble around the marsh. Sedge Warblers were taking advantage of the stillness to sing from the tops of reed stems and Reed Buntings seemed to be perched up everywhere uttering their monotonous song. To my surprise a Whimbrel flew low over the marsh, the first of the year and a Snipe on the neighbours marsh was the first for a while. It was also good to see that the persistent belligerent behaviour by the Lapwings mobbing Crows and Marsh Harriers had paid off so far when I saw 2 well-grown chicks scuttling amongst the rushes.
There were a good few damselflies on the wing, probably Azure and there was also a 4-Spot Chaser. My husband saw the first Norfolk Hawker of the year this morning. I had no luck tonight but at least things seem to be getting going at last.
The Water Voles were also active again in the dyke at the bottom of the garden and the first Common Spotted Orchids were flowering in our orchard.
As dusk fell and a pair of bats chased each other back and forth above the patio, mist began to roll out of the dykes and across the marshes giving an atmospheric end to the evening.

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