Friday, 13 December 2013

First tagged Marsh Harrier sighting (in Belgium)!

There was huge excitement this morning when I received an e-mail telling me that one of the Marsh Harrier chicks (DX) that was tagged on the marshes here in June (see my blog on June 30th) had been photographed in Belgium on the 11th December.
Here she is on June 30th:

And click here to see how she looks now.
DX was one of 5 chicks from one nest in a reed-margin along a dyke. Her siblings DT, DV, D2 and D3 all fledged successfully. Another nest only 30 yards from DX's also held 5 chicks but only 2 of these, DR and DS, could be caught. DX is the first of the 7 harriers to be reported since the birds left the nest area.
If you see a green-winged tagged Marsh Harrier the easiest way to read the tag is to photograph the bird and then please report the sighting to the Hawk and Owl Trust here. I'd love to know where the rest of "my" harriers have got to!

15/12/13 Stop press: DX is officially the first British ringed Marsh Harrier to turn up in Belgium

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