Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Garden Garden Warbler

It was my half day today but I had a busy afternoon ahead. Just before I got started my husband alerted me to a Garden Warbler (an unexpected Patchwork year tick) he had just found singing in the plum hedge in the garden. At first there was complete silence and I feared the bird had moved through but after a short wait it started singing again and soon popped up on top of the hedge. Fantastic! The Patchwork list now stands at 107.
I moved on to the main task of the afternoon which was shampooing the show sheep in preparation for this weekend's Hadleigh Show. As I got everything set up and ready I was surprised to hear and see a Bullfinch, the first in the area for some time. I spent the rest of the afternoon washing 8 sheep and by the time I had finished I was about as wet as they were, not just from the rain but also the frequent showers when they shook themselves dry.
If you happen to be wondering what you wash a sheep with it's this of course:

Yep, you can actually buy special sheep shampoo!
Returning to the house to change in to dry clothes the other highlight of the day was another House Sparrow on the feeder, the second of the year, and this time a female. Shame it didn't turn up at the same time as the male a few weeks ago.

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