Sunday, 12 May 2013

Patchwork milestone

It's been a quiet weekend here but at least I hit the 100% milestone for Patchwork Challenge when a distinctive tu-tu-tu call after dark, whilst bottle-feeding a lamb, added Greenshank to my Patch list for the year. That's only my 3rd new bird for May but then looking at the birds I can reasonably expect in the year there's only 8 to go and I have concerns about 2 of those. Drastic action is needed and that scrape is going to have to go in. Natural England are keen we do it sometime June to August, just right for wader passage so maybe I'll be able to add a few waders to the list.
The Cuckoo Flowers have suddenly come in to bloom on the marsh. Their name derives from them flowering at the same time as the Cuckoo arrives but their companion is still missing.

From a distance they look white but close up they have a lovely purple blush on the underside with delicate purple veining. Worth getting on your hands and knees for!
In the absence of any other birds to photograph I took a photo of this, now resident and breeding on the marsh. I'm not sure whether it is a welcome addition to the breeding list or not.

Birds of note today were 2 Hobbys and at long last a decent arrival of Swifts, about a week late. Yesterday a Little Egret graced one of the dykes near the house and I saw another Barn Owl quartering the distant marshes in the evening but that is about it.

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