Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Great Northern Diver and another patch tick

It was a cold, wet, dreary day today but as I was working in Lowestoft this morning, lunchtime found me making the short trip down the road to a cold, wet and especially dreary Hamilton Dock. The Great Northern Diver was playing hide-and-seek around the yachts in the marina but eventually swam purposefully out into the main body of water to give excellent scope views. Unfortunately it was rather too distant and dismal for my little camera as the photo below shows

I'm working in Lowestoft again on Friday so if the weather is brighter I may try and get a better picture so you can fully appreciate the subtle plumage details on this fine species. Alternatively you might be better looking here or here.

Back home for an extended lunch I scanned the marshes hoping the Rough-leg might put in appearance. There were 2 Common Buzzards and a Barn Owl but not a lot else. Scanning across the marshes for the twentieth time a large brown bird with long trailing legs, tucked in neck and long bill erupted from the reeds into my scope, a @?$&*#% Bittern!!! It flew briefly across the reeds before dropping back down and out of sight. We have long thought this was a potential bird for the patch but it was fantastic to finally see one especially scope views and from the bedroom window too. An excellent start to the patch list.

Heading back to work 2 Little Egrets flew over the car as I crossed the Haddiscoe Dam, not a bad haul for a lunch break.

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