Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Waxwings - between cruciates and consults

Minimal effort was required for today's ornithological treat. There has been a flock of 50+ waxwings in the housing estate behind the surgery for the last 3 days so with the mornings cruciate surgery done and dusted, and 50 minutes before afternoon consults, and a lovely sunny day, it was time to go and look for them. I tracked 53 of them down by their trilling calls to a tree in the edge of Gorleston Cemetery but they quickly flew off to a well berried tree by the traffic lights at the end of Crab Lane before shooting off in to the housing estate. Within seconds I had a Tweet from Peter Ransome saying "Waxwings Almond Road now". Nipping down an alleyway the flock was quickly in sight, (although not Peter at first, until I spotted him sat in his car watching them) showing beautifully in the weak winter sun, a pleasure as ever.

I reckon that if I spent long enough sat in the staff room with a pair of bins I should be able to see these birds from work on one of their fly arounds.

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