Friday, 4 January 2013


As I was driving to work in Lowestoft this morning a small flock of birds flying out of the roadside hedge caught my attention. Standing the car on its nose and reversing rapidly on to the verge a flock of 17 Waxwings obligingly dropped in to the hedge in front of me and started eating the few remaining berries on a hawthorn. An excellent start to the day. Typically my camera and bins were in the boot of the car but at 8.15am the light was appalling and any photos would have been dreadful anyway.
At lunchtime I went back to Hamilton Dock for second helpings of the Great Northern Diver. Sadly it spent most of its time out of sight behind the boats in the marina coming out in to the open for only one brief closeish dive around, so no more photos I'm afraid. (You're probably relieved). Despite it being a mild day everywhere else, it felt bitterly cold, as always when standing by the Hamilton Dock in winter, so I was surprised to see a Bumblebee flying along the harbour wall. Surrounded by acres of concrete and with not a single flower in sight I don't rate it's chances of survival.
Work again tomorrow morning then hopefully some time to get going properly on my Patchwork Challenge list.
And oh, we have a lamb!

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